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0 - 125cc
0 - 125cc
X1R/X3R H20 Formula Hydraulic Caliper 50cc 04-09(No Information Yet)
XP4 Street 50 (10 inch Wheels Single Pin Fixing) 50cc 08-10(No Information Yet)
XP 65 R Single Pin Fixing 65cc 06-10(No Information Yet)
Mini Motard 10 inch Wheels (2 Pin Fixing) 110cc (No Information Yet)
XP4T Cross 12 inch Front/10 inch Rear Wheels 2 Pin Fixing 06-10(No Information Yet)
XP4T Cross 14 inch Front/12 inch Rear Wheel 2 Pin Fixing 50cc 06-10(No Information Yet)
XP4 Off Road 14 inch Front/12 inch Rear Wheel Single Pin Fixing 125cc (No Information Yet)
XP4 Street 10 inch Wheels Single Pin Fixing 125cc 07-(No Information Yet)
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